Love is Medicine: A Fundraiser for Rumi's therapies

Album now available in iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, iLike and even Amazon as either a download or a physical CD. You can also stream the songs below.

Through Love all pain will turn to medicine. -Rumi

Many years ago, we formed a local monthly music venue with several of our friends. We would take turns performing our original music at the shows and would feature guests from the great pool of Charlottesville musicians, several performing for the first time outside of their living room. We called this venue, Acoustic Charlottesville. It was a labor of love and it was a lot of fun.

We are currently engaged in a labor of love we never imagined, as described throughout this website. Through our training and application of the Son-Rise program, our children have become more connected and we have all grown in incredible ways. However, there is so much further we can go. We continue to work with Carolina Kaiser, our Son-Rise teacher and are looking into the therapy model HANDLE for an assessment for Rumi to help with his speech skills.

We thought that it would be fun to curate a collection of Ursula's songs performed during our Acoustic Charlottesville days. We have put them together into an album that we call Love Is Medicine. It is currently available via iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, iLike and even Amazon as either a download or a physical CD. All proceeds will go to Rumi

Another big way you can help is to enter a heartfelt review of the music at any of the above sites. That will go a long ways toward inviting others to check out the album, bringing in more funds to our program.

Alternatively, you can make a donation. Any amount will help us in our therapy sessions. Donation information is on the left sidebar near the top of this page and can also be found on the separate Donations page. And YES $10 is a great donation!
Even if you are unable to donate, one of the biggest gifts you can give us is to spread the word to your friends. When we band together, the results are limitless.

The Music

The recordings on Love is Medicine are memento's from live shows during the period December 1997 to March 2002, all performed at Acoustic Charlottesville. The sound is homespun and laid-back. Stephen plays a fine lead guitar on most tracks, intertwining with Ursula's vocals and rhythm guitar. Plus, a few friends join us, too, on a few songs. We wanted to offer you a gift that is meaningful and personal to us, as a way to say, "THANK YOU for your donation and support!".

Proceeds and Donations

For more information on how the proceeds and donations are helping, go over to the Donations page. There is also information on how to donate through Open Hands.