Love Is Medicine

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We will be continually raising money for Rumi's therapies to help him evolve and grow. We support him with many therapies listed on the
"Rumi" page. If you want to support Rumi's treatments and growth, we welcome the help! You can buy the album or just contribute funds, it is all so helpful!!

See the
Fundraiser page to check it out! And YES $10 is a great donation!
Rumi Rising Mission Statement:

What We Do Is Making A Difference!!!

Rumi Rising is a community of people coming together to improve the life experience of Rumi, through therapies, biomedical support and deep connection using the Son-Rise program.

The Son-Rise Program training is offered to families and professionals through the Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, MA.

Stephen and Ursula Goadhouse are partners, parents of Rumi (8 years old) and Zola (7 years old), and the organizers of Rumi Rising.

Rumi Rising was formerly known as Rumi and Zola's Rising. Zola who was diagnosed with autism at 17 months is now considered recovered!!!!! What we do matters!

Inspired joy, encouragement, thoughtful interactions, being open and non-judgmental, irresistible invitations to communicate and interact...that's what we do, and you can too!


Would you like to make a difference in Rumi's life? We can make a difference together!

This is an awesome opportunity to be part of Rumi's moving into speech, learning to communicate with sign language and pictures, play games and expand his already hilarious laughing routines!

We are looking for volunteers and staff to help Rumi. The volunteers/staff spend one-on-one time and group time with Rumi and his sister, Zola in the playroom.

It is an incredible opportunity to develop mindfulness, practice being non-judgmental of yourself and others, while deeply connecting with a child while helping them expand their life possibilities !

We ask for a minimum of 2 hours a week for a minimum of 6 months.

The Ursula trains all volunteers. There will be regular discussions to review progress, set targets and goals and exchange ideas. This will be a collaborative effort.

This is a very exciting opportunity to work with a great team and help change a child's life!

Sign up on the volunteer page.

We want Rumi to have a better quality of life for the future using the Son-Rise Program® home teaching course along with your help.

What is Autism?

Autism is a developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and is the result of a neurological disorder of the brain, which has an impact on social interaction and communication skills.

Children with Autism usually lack good eye contact, social skills, communication and attention span.

Many of Rumi's challenges are with language, touching food, eating food, daily tasks such as dressing, going to the bathroom in a toilet, and playing with friends.

What is the Son-Rise Program®?

Using energy, excitement and enthusiasm engages the child and inspires a continuous love of learning and interaction.
Teaching through interactive play results in effective and meaningful socialization and communication.

The Son-Rise Program® was created by authors/teachers Barry ("Bears") Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman when their son, Raun, was diagnosed as severely and incurably autistic.

Although advised to institutionalize him because of his "hopeless, lifelong condition," the Kaufmans instead designed an innovative home-based, child-centered program in an attempt to reach their little boy.

The Kaufmans' unique program, which marked a complete departure from existing methods of treatment, transformed Raun from a child who did not speak, was withdrawn and thought to have with an IQ of less than 30 by the professionals who tested him, into a highly verbal, socially interactive youngster with a near-genius IQ.

Bearing no traces of his former condition, Raun graduated from an Ivy League university and went on to become the director of an educational center for school-aged children.

The Son-Rise Program® innovated an educational treatment modality which included joining children instead of going against them. The program places parents as key teachers, therapists and directors of their own programs and utilizes the home as the most nurturing environment in which to help their children.

This focuses around entering the child's world and following the child’s lead and copying their habits and behavior in intensive one-to-one sessions. In time the child shows pleasure in this social activity and seeks company and interaction. This exchange is fundamental for any communication to take place. The quality of attitude towards the child, child's behavior and capabilities is deeply in-tune with being non-judgmental, in-the-moment and positive.

We DO make a difference!